The Bordentown Ballet Theatre is the resident ballet company of Jaztabal Dance, located in Bordentown, NJ, and is under the artistic direction of Miss Heather L. Walker. The creation of the company came out of a request by the parents of several of Heather’s students at Jaztabal Dance, Inc.

The students were involved in a production of the “Nutcracker” in Trenton, that Heather was also a performer and choreographer for. The parents delighted with Heather's work, and ability with children, asked Heather if she would be interested in forming a children's dance company. These parents were willing to do the work, necessary to stage and produce a show. The offer was enthusiastic and full of excitement. After serious consideration, Heather accepted the offer, and in 1999 the Bordentown Ballet Theatre was born.

Heather decided that there were enough productions of the “Nutcracker” in our area, so it would be the mission of Bordentown Ballet Theatre to produce an alternative show in the Holiday season. A number of years earlier, Heather and her husband Fred had the honor of seeing Patrick Stewart in his one man production of “A Christmas Carol”. Mr. Stewart brought such life and insight to his staging of the Dickens classic that they fell in love with the story. It didn’t take Heather long to decide that “Scrooge” a one word title like “Nutcracker”, would be the show that Bordentown Ballet Theatre would embrace.

Collaborating on the structure of the show, Heather and Fred outlined the concept. The show was to be “a ballet for children, featuring children”. They decided that the character of Scrooge would be the key narrative. Scrooge, using dialogue, would interact with several other characters to move the show along. The story telling element of the dialogue was designed to hold children’s interest and set up the dances. Each of the major scenes was designed to be dance segments.

Using the Dickens story as the source for the dialogue, the production team adapted the words to make it easily understood for a young audience. The dances were designed to be entertaining, and visually dynamic.

This is Bordentown Ballet Theatre's 15 year of doing holiday shows for all to enjoy.  The company has done performances telling the story of "The Nutcracker", a classic story of the dream of a little girl and her nutcracker; and also "Scrooge" following the classic tale of "A Christmas Carol".